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Testimonials 2015

What an amazing event The Sarasota Dance Challenge is! Sid Pocius and his staff put on a superior event. Everyone was happy to be there, the love in the room was overflowing. Incredible music… World class judges… show of shows featuring several fantastic couples including Craig Smith and Micheline topped off by an amazing special show by World 10 Dance Champions and Star of England's version of the BBC's hit television show "Dancing with the Stars" Iveta and Gherman. The dancing all day was amazing. Congratulations to all the hard working teachers and especially the Amazing Amateur Dancing Students you are the reason it is all possible...

Brad Stein

Thank you Sid Pocius for your warm hearted welcoming to your outstanding one day Event, The Sarasota Challenge!!!

Randy Mcbride

My student Kathy and myself really enjoyed your event. Thank you so much!

Bruce Monsanty

This comp is definitely making its way up the list of my favorite competitions. Might I say location! Location! Location! And good company. Every one danced so well and it was so good to see my Sarasota dance family. We are so proud of you Sid! Got this lovely snapshot at the super top secret and entertainingly awesome afterparty. Professionals may want to stick around next year after the comp to find out about the shenanigans and what goes on after hours at the Sarasota Challenge.

Natasha Jade Barrera

It was great in every way. Loved the logo on the delicious dessert. Yumm.

Margaret Burns

What a great competition and fun competition, Sid Pocius!!

Natasha Namen

Thank You Sid Pocius for putting on an amazing competition and bringing in some amazing talent to work and grow against!

Elite-International dance Academy

It was an awesome day. I am still so floating for such a wonderful experience. Thanks Sid Pocius for such a great event.

Marge Hutton

Congratulations to Sid Pocius on a spectacular competition, the 2015 Sarasota Challenge. He has done a magnficient job planning and caring about every detail, and it shows.

Dancesport Photography

Loved my 1st competition...totally positive experience...THANK YOU SID

Wendy Clowson Feinstein

Thank you for such a wonderful weekend!

Janet Darmin

Great fun and got to meet many amazing people. Thank you for hosting such a fantastic event!

Jay Holmes

Thank you for being such a wonderful host, we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

Shari Tannen Oxman

Great Job Sid!! We all enjoyed the competition!!! Everything was organized perfectly by you, congratulations!!!

Spiro Marko

This was my second year attending and I loved every minute of it. So well run and so many fantastic dancers! Great competition!‬‬‬‬

‪Cathy Schaffer

I attend very few one-day events, but I had heard great things about Sid Pocius’ one-day event in Sarasota… Mr. Pocius employed a large and very qualified panel of judges for the event-perhaps somewhat unusual in a 1-day competition… All in all this was I would describe as the One Day Comp that Could! (You have to think Thomas The Tank Engine for the reference). Some people think 1-day competitions are the way of the future and certainly everyone present here and some came as far as Canada, might agree that they are.

Keith Todd / Dance Beat

Testimonials 2014

It was a beautiful event. Loved every moment and thank you Sid for going out of your way to get me some bananas.

Cecilia Torres

Congratulations SId Pocius, I am so sorry I missed it but heard such great things about the event from Eddie Rivera and the Dance It Studio team !! Great job !!:)

Carolann Duncan

We had a blast! Great event! Thank you for all your hospitality!

Carson Humphries

I wanna give a big shout out to Sid Pocius for an outstanding job with Sarasota Challenge. Beautifully run, great ambiance, service like no other, hotel was the best... but I really must take my hat off to whomever put the food menu together, that was truly the best of any comp I have ever had... Thank you.

J. l. Melendez

The competition was awesome!!!! Had such a blast all day and laughed a lot. Thank you Sid Pocius for a great event! Looking forward to next year!

Amanda Jordan

...It is refreshing when an organizer takes risks to make their competition unique while delivering quality essentials such as great entertainment and notable prize money...

...The ambiance was fantastic, a direct result of Sid’s willingness to think outside the box. This was seen in the unique place settings and ceiling arrangement made up of hanging disco balls and flowers...

With so many ballroom events offered each year, I know that it’s difficult decide which competitions to attend... Sarasota Challenge ticks all of the boxes and raises the bar for one-day events. I look forward to seeing what Sid Pocius and his team come up with for next year.

Mayo Alanen DANCE BEAT Newspaper

It was a wonderful event! Thank you for creating a great dance atmosphere!!!!

Brooke O'Donnell

Was a beautifull event!!! Thanks you for everything!!!!

Martin Cardoso

Thank u for gr8 organization!!!! The atmosphere was amazing!!!!

Loreta Kriksciukaityte

Love your event! What a beautiful vanue, phenomenal dancing. Happy to be a part of it. Thank you for the invite, Sid!

Valentina Kostenko

Had a great time at your wonderful event! Thank you!

Anastasia Kazmina

Congratulations on a wonderful event! The ballroom was beautiful, the competition was great, and everyone was friendly, supportive and enthusiastic. Looking forward to next year!

Laurie Barclay

All had a fantastic time at your comp Sid! We are looking forward to next year!!!

David Orcutt Bonnie, Bill, Katerina Cherevko and I

Thank you Sid for such an amazing event. We all had blast and looking forward to the next one!

Tatjana Frost

Thank you, Sid, for hosting such a lovely comp right here in Sarasota! Well done! We had a great time!

Meredith Kaplan

Congrats Sid!! Outstanding performances. QUALITY... sums it up in a word.

Dean Serena

Thank you for another great event, Sid!

Robert Wiegman

Thank you Sid for doing such a good job putting all nice things together at the competition!

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